Incoming Erasmus+ students

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Incoming Erasmus+ students are welcome at the University of Ioannina, under the framework of Erasmus+ signed inter-institutional agreements.

Incoming Erasmus+ students are advised to contact the International Relations Office (E.,, T. +30-26510-07520) for extended information regarding their study period, stay and accommodation at the University of Ioannina.



Teaching activity

1st semester: early October / early January

2nd semester: mid February / late May

Please be aware that the Departments may follow a slightly differentiated calendar.

Examination periods

1st semester: last two weeks of January and first two weeks of February

2nd semester: June

Re-sit: September (not for Erasmus+ incoming students, unless otherwise agreed upon with the home University).



1st semester: 15th June
2nd semester: 30th November
Partner universities (Erasmus or International Relations Offices) formally nominate their students to UoI by e-mail: and, providing at least the following information:
  1. First and last name of the nominee
  2. Gender
  3. Home University and country
  4. Inter –Institutional Agreement through which the proposed mobility will be realized
  5. Field of studies
  6. Mobility scheme (whether studies or traineeship)
  7. Cycle of studies (whether undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD)
  8. 1st or 2nd semester 2017/18 (the duration of studies, and thus stay at the UoI, is defined by the academic calendar below)
  9. Contact information (valid e-mail address, valid tel. number)

UoI shall acknowledge receipt of the nominations, through e-mail. Only the acknowledgment of this official nomination constitutes acceptance of the students. The students will only be accepted once the required condition (English B1 level) is met.



The Erasmus+ or International Relations Office of the student’s home University should e-mail all appropriate documents (duly completed and signed scanned copies of the Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records) to our International Relations Office (at within one month following the acknowledgement/acceptance e-mail:

1. Learning Agreement with the proposed study programme at the University of Ioannina  or Training Agreement with the proposed traineeship (internship/placement) programme;

2. Transcript of Records (only for 1st cycle students), issued by the home University. The Transcript consists basically of a list of the course units taken, the exams passed and the credits gained by the student so far. For 2nd cycle students, a scanned copy of BA or BSc degree along with a Transcript of Recrods recording master level courses passed and credits gained so far (if possible), should be provided. For 3rd cycle students, a scanned copy of the MA or MSc degree, should be provided.

3. Proof of sufficient language skills in the English (or Greek) language (please refer to the language requirements section).

In case the above documents do not reach our International Office within one month (following the acknowledgement/acceptance e-mail), the student’s nomination will no longer be valid.

Visa & Residence Permit
O​ne orientation day is scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Nominated students are informed about the exact date directly by the IRO of the UoI.
Nominated students are advised to contact ESN Ioannina ( for an "ESNer friend" during their stay in Ioannina.
A Greek Language certificate (min. B1) is required only for Greek language and classic studies (at the Department of Philology). For all other fields of study an English Language certificate (min. B1, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is required.
Level B2 in English, is strongly recommended, particularly for those taking Master level courses (2nd study cycle). Every student’s nomination should be supported by a recognized English certificate. Alternatively, proof of sufficient level of competence in the English language should be submitted.
DEPARTMENTS (Fields of study)
Students are required to choose a major field of study according to the Inter-institutional agreement signed between the home and host Universities. Usually, students may be free to follow courses in other fields.
However, students can enroll in any extra subject from other subject areas provided that: 1) they do not represent the majority of the Learning Agreement, 2) the academic advisor is in agreement with the Learning Agreement prior to the arrival of the student.

In any case, before filing their Learning Agreement, students are strongly advised to contact the respective Departmental Coordinator.​

Students may proceed with modifications to the signed Learning Agreement only within a month of their arrival at the University of Ioannina, provided they have informed their Departmental Coordinator and the IRO Office of the University of Ioannina, appropriately.
Formally nominted (by the home University) students, for a study/learning mobility period, may contact the Housing Office ( to file an application for a room in the halls.
Deadlines to apply:
1st semester: 15th June
2nd semester: 30th November

The Accommodation Office will make every effort to accommodate Erasmus Students in Student Residence Halls (rooms with en suite bathroom facilities).
Applications are accepted and processed on a first-come first-served basis, until a maximum number of approx. 40 rooms per academic year is reached.

For more information please feel free to contact Mrs Ioanna Fotou (mail to:, Tel: +30 26510 09132).

The cost of a single room is 65 euro/month

The cost of a double room is 50 euro/month/person

Upon arrival, a deposit (guarantee) which equals the monthly rate of the room is requested by the student.

All rooms are usually available for Erasmus students

  • from 1st October to the first week of February for the 1st semester (or the full academic year depending on the chosen mobility duration)
  • from 15th February to the end of June for the 2nd semester

In case of prolongation requests, these will have to be submitted to the accommodation office no later than 1st November, but it is highly unlikely that a room at the Halls of Residence will be offered for prolongation periods, since students nominated for the 2nd semester will have priority.

Private temporary (furnished) accommodation in Ioannina is very scarce, yet assistance may be offered by our International Relations Office, however with no guarantees that prospective Erasmus students may find appropriate housing solutions outside the campus at a reasonable price.

Formally nominated (by the home University) students, for a interniship/placement/traineeship mobility period, may only file an application for accommodation at the University Guest House.
Students may contact the Housing Office ( to discuss this option, request more information or file an application.
Incoming Erasmus+ students can enjoy free meals (3 per day) at the Student Restaurant, presenting their Student card (passo).
Working hours (daily):
Breakfast served from 07.30 - 09.30
Lunch served from 11.30 - 15.00
Dinner served from 18.00 - 21.00
The Student Restaurant is closed during Christmas & Easter Holidays as well as from mid July till the end of August.

Students and staff with disabilities: UoI welcomes students with disabilities. The necessary individual arrangements need to be discussed well in advance (10 months prior to arrival).

All Erasmus students may follow courses in Greek language at the Center for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture (free of charge). Applications are submitted upon arrival.

ESN Ioannina: ESN Ioannina is a very active student body and provides help and assistance to all incoming students both prior and during their stay in Ioannina. Nominated students are advised to contact ESN Ioannina the soonest possible at

Other important student services: Students are provided with three meals per day at our Students' Restaurant.

Five days before the end of your stay, you must apply for the End-of-stay Certificate (Certificate of Departure/Confirmation of Departure) at the Office of International Relations.
We encourage students to bring a copy of the Certificate/Confirmation of Arrival or at least the official date of arrival, as well as proof (i.e. copy of ticket) of their official date of departure.
End-of-stay Certificates shall not be signed earlier than one week prior to the student's departure.
The end date of the study period shall be the last day the student was present at the UoI (and under no circumstances shall they mention a date of departure any later than the end of the examination/evaluation period).


Student's grades may take some weeks to be announced to the student's host Department Secretariat and the IRO of the UoI.
The IRO does not hand in ToRs to incoming students directly. In accordance with our agreements, the IRO of the UoI sends the ToRs to the home University, via e-mail (duly signed and stamped scanned copies) within 5 weeks after the end of the examination/evaluation period
(with CC to the student). Should neither the student nor the home University IRO receive the ToRs past this waiting period, we encourage either of them to contact the IRO of the UoI.
The ToRs are only sent once the students' study period is over.
Full year students will not receive a 1st semester ToR, under any circumstance.

Read about Studying and Living in Greece and learn about the Greek Culture through the Study in Greece official portal, supported by the Hellenic Republic.


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